A formidable few

We work with a select number of key clients and focus on developing deep, trusted relationships with key decision makers. Our clients have invested time, effort and often their own money to build their businesses. We think they deserve a quality service and true value for money, so we play to our strengths and won’t take on a project unless we can guarantee a quality result.

Typical Excelion clients would be ambitious, fast-growing companies and range from start-ups to growing business with a turnover of several billion Euros. They are often market leaders in their respective sectors, with significant market share, and looking to expand internationally. Geographically, our expertise lies in cross-border assignments across Western and Eastern Europe, Russia and the USA.

We work with diverse decision makers, from entrepreneurs and family owned business leaders to employees of private equity funds and public companies. They have responsibility at country, regional or global level.

Even though we consider ourselves to be generalists, we have considerable experience in the following sectors:

  • Industry and manufacturing
  • Consumer and luxury goods
  • Life sciences and pharmaceutical
  • Innovative high technology