It takes great people to make great businesses

As an international leadership advisory firm we analyse, design and build management teams to help our clients achieve their business goals. 

Our cross-border team starts by getting to know your business, your strategic priorities and long term ambitions. We then identify and attract candidates with the required set of skills and experience to deliver.

We can also help you analyse the potential in your current team and optimise your organisational structure to facilitate your business' growth.  


Management Assessment

If your business is in, or about to embark on, a period of transition - perhaps new strategic challenges, cross-border expansion, a change in ownership or leadership, an acquisition, merger or restructuring - you may need to assess the strengths and development needs of your management team. 

We can help unlock the potential in your people and facilitate their development. Our powerful and pragmatic management assessment tool provides an unbiased evaluation of your people and their capabilities.

Organisation Design

We go beyond just drawing organisational charts. We conduct thorough activity mapping by function and position, analyse and adjust job descriptions for key roles and provide specific recommendations on compensation and benefits policy.

We can then help you populate your new organisational structure by matching existing management teams with new job requirements or by conducting targeted external recruitment if necessary.